Our story

Siggie is there for students who need a helping hand. With all that comes to you, your student time can be quite tough. The pace of your studies is high, you might have a side job, and you are trying to maintain your social life, in an often yet unfamiliar city.

This is why Siggie provides personal online coaching, during which we help you deal with your challenges. Together we search for ways to bolster your resilience using your talents, allowing you to fulfill your potential best.

Coaching from Siggie gets financed by the educational institutes we partner with. However, we are completely independent, which means that your personal information won’t ever be shared.

The challenges we tackle

Do you suffer from issues related to your mood, anxiety, stress, sleep, worry, loneliness, self-esteem, or other things that make studying difficult for you? Then please don’t hesitate to contact us. After registration, we will always first assess whether Siggie is suitable to support you. If it turns out not to be the case, then we will help you find the appropriate help in our extensive network.

Part of the NL Mental Care Group

Siggie is part of the NL Mental Care Group – a group of organizations active in mental health care services, namely Mentaal Beter, HSK, Opdidakt, De Gezonde Zaak, Vitalmindz and AllesKits. Siggie is specialized in professional online coaching for students like you. Within the NL Mental Care Group, we have approximately 2000 employees working both online and from more than 180 locations throughout the Netherlands.

Our partnerships

At Siggie we work in the commission of universities and universities of applied sciences. At this moment, we partner with the Erasmus University of Rotterdam, the Faculty of Governance and Global Affairs from Leiden University, the Faculty of Humanities from the University of Amsterdam, and Inholland Haarlem. As a student at these institutes, you can use our online coaching for free. Are you a student at a different educational institute and interested in our coaching? Let us know! We will contact your educational institute and explore the opportunities.

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