Our working method

How does Siggie work?

A proactive and solution-oriented approach to challenges is our starting point. We don’t look at what doesn’t work, but at what does work. Our ultimate goal is that you can rely on your own resilience, continue studying without any problems and flourish in life!

As coaches, we not only listen to your story, but we also ask questions that you didn’t dare to ask yourself. Moreover, we not only discuss the challenges you face: together we also map out your personal talents and qualities. During your coaching sessions you will learn how to use these talents and qualities to take on various (future) challenges and to develop more resilience. To achieve this we use methods based on a combination of traditional and modern psychology and the latest scientific developments.

Take off

Are you now convinced that Siggie can help you further? Then register using this form. Once we have processed your application, we will contact you within 2-3 business days.

We will then schedule the introductory meeting with the coach. And you fill in a treatment contract and questionnaire. The coach sessions take place via video calling in an online secure environment.

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What to expect during coaching

A coaching trajectory consists of five online sessions spread across approximately ten weeks. In addition, you get access to various eHealth programs that support you throughout the process.

During the first session, we meet and get to know each other, and map out your challenge. We conclude the session by positively formulating concrete goals.
In the second, third, and fourth sessions we work on your goals in a solution-oriented way, while using amongst others the e-health modules. Those modules contain exercises derived from the field of (positive) cognitive behavioral therapy and positive psychology.

Throughout the fifth and last session, we reflect on the past weeks and your developmental process. Depending on where you are at, we celebrate the steps you have made and/or look forward to what might further help you.

Could you use some help
from a Siggie student coach?