Our working method

Tackling challenges in a proactive and solution-oriented way runs through our veins. We don’t focus on what isn’t working, but on what does work. Our ultimate goal is for you to trust in your own resilience, be able to continue studying without issues, and to flourish in life!

As coaches, we won’t just listen to your story, but also ask you questions you haven’t dared to ask yourself yet. Moreover, we do more than just discuss the challenges you’re facing: together, we will also map out your personal talents and qualities. During your coaching sessions, you will learn how to use these talents and qualities to handle various (future) challenges and to develop more resilience. The methods we use to accomplish this are based on a combination of traditional and modern psychology, and the latest scientific developments.

Let’s get started!

Are you ready and willing to get started with your own Siggie student coach? Then sign up by using this form. As soon as we have processed your registration, you will receive an email containing your login details for our communication platform, Gezonde Boel. Before we schedule your first appointment, you will need to officially agree to receiving our coaching by signing a treatment contract. In addition, you will receive some questionnaires to fill in to help us get a clear impression of you and the challenges you are currently facing.

Done with signing and filling in the questionnaires? Then we’ll plan your introductory session. This session, as well as all of your other sessions, will take place via video calling in Gezonde Boel. At the end of each session, we will plan your following session.

What to expect during the online coaching sessions

The coaching process with your professional Siggie student coach consists of five online sessions spread over approximately ten weeks. Additionally, you will gain access to various eHealth programs that will support you throughout the entire process. During the first session, you and your coach will get to know each other better and will personally discuss whatever it is you are currently struggling with. Once it is clear what challenge it is you are facing, you and your coach will focus on the useful qualities you already possess. The session ends with formulating positive goals.

During the second session, you will learn more about the strengths you naturally possess and link them to your goals. In the third and fourth session you will tackle your goals in a solution-oriented way, for which you will also be using eHealth programs. These programs contain exercises based on (positive) cognitive behavioral therapy and positive psychology. During your fifth and also last session, you and your coach will complete the process together, discuss the achieved results, and evaluate your completed process.

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