Frequently asked questions

Looking for answers concerning our services? Here are some answers to several frequently asked questions. Do you have a different question? Let us know!

We currently have a partnership with Erasmus University Rotterdam (EUR) and the Faculty of Humanities of the UvA. The coaching for students of the EUR and UvA is reimbursed. Are you currently studying at a different college or university, and would you like to make use of our online coaching services? Let us know! We will contact your college or university to find out about the possibilities.

Our online coaching sessions consist of five sessions spread out over approximately ten weeks.

It depends on the severity of the challenges you are facing. After our introductory session together, we will be better capable of determining whether or not Siggie services are suitable for you. If we cannot offer you the proper services, then we will make sure you receive the help you need. We have an expansive network of different specialists fit for the job.

You can sign up for our services by using the form on the website. We will contact you within 2-3 working days to complete your registration.

Absolutely nothing. Your university reimburses the trajectory, but does not receive any insight into the content. Your coaching remains anonymous and confidential in this regard. 

We always try to help every student as soon as possible. After your registration, it is possible you might be put on a waiting list for a short while. As soon as one of our coaches is available, you will be notified and start with your coaching sessions.

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