Student Coach

Student Coach

“Guiding students to discover and use personal strengths in order to build more resilience and flourish in life.”
Joost Stoelhorst - Siggie coach



I started as a student full of enthusiasm, wild plans, and the ambition to have the time of my life. Unfortunately, during my first year, I was faced with a major accident in my family that forced me to live at home again to support the family and save my parents’ business. My results at university were very disappointing and I was in risk of being expelled from school. During that time I looked for help to combine the care of my family but at the same time to chase my own dreams.

I eventually found the help I needed and with the right knowledge and skills, I learned to deal with this difficult situation. I also learned to find a balance between helping my family and the time I needed for my own study. During that period I was able to experience how valuable it was to be heard and helped as a student, in a period when everything is coming your way.

Equal, honest, confrontational, and personal.

Sports, guitars, books, coffee, good conversations, and nice glass of wine.



As a student I noticed how important it is to receive support during a difficult time. During my studies and building a life of my own, my mother’s illness occupied a big part of my life. I noticed that this was difficult to combine with everything that had to be done for my studies. After my mother passed away, I made a conscious decision to take some time for myself and take a break from studying. Dealing with it all was simply too much to handle for me at that time. The study asked too much of me for everything I was going through emotionally. I have seen the same thing happen to students when I worked as a teacher and tutor at the university.

I have learned how there can be time, or that you can make time, for living life. And there is more to life than just studying. We all have to deal with events that are part of the fragile nature of life. I think it’s important at those times that you are surrounded by people who care for you. To me, caring means: having patience, coming over, not being scared so that the other person can open up. And can slowly blossom again, as Rupi Kaur describes in this passage of a poem.

think of those flowers you plant

in the garden each year

they will teach you

that people too

must wilt




in order to bloom

Empathetic, open, process-guiding, personal, inspiring.

Poetry, good conversations, arthouse films, photography, plants and contributing to a world with more compassion for each other and the earth we live on.

Elise Delmee - studentcoach



In my student days, like many other students, I had to deal with all the measures around corona virus. I know what it feels like to suddenly completely have to study from home, without your fellow students in the lecture hall and meetings in the library. As a student, I also had to deal with the changes in the student grant system and I experienced the housing shortage among students. Studying in a city brings new challenges with it: a lot of independence in studying, a part-time job, perhaps living in rooms and getting to know new people.
In this period of identity development, it is very human that you might experience difficulty in different areas of life. Also unexpectedly radical life events can take place that affect you emotionally. I would like to help you to fully regain your inner strength. I wish you a nice student time in which you can enjoy yourself and feel happy.

The life wisdoms that particularly appeal to me:

‘Change your thoughts and you’ll change your world’

‘Life is a mountain. Your goal is to find your path, not to reach the top’

Open-minded, helpful, empathetic, encouraging, optimistic, soothing.

Spending time with friends, deep conversations, sports, music and traveling to beautiful countries.

Franka de Bruijn - Siggie coach



During my student days I discovered that personal development is my passion. From this passion I tried to constantly challenge myself, for example by combining my studies with associations, side jobs, and adventures abroad as a backpacker, student and volunteer. I exchanged the challenges with moments of silence and reflection. That’s how I eventually realized that the biggest challenges can often be found very close, in the relationship with yourself. With everything that comes your way as a student, you are asked to know yourself well: your needs, interests, values, talents, priorities and boundaries. During this developmental process, it helped me to see myself as a student of life, starting – with varying degrees of success – to welcome every experience as a developmental opportunity. This vision helped me especially when I was struggling, such as when my five-year relationship ended, COVID broke out, and my parents divorced. I now cherish these phases, because they have given me a lot of self-insight. I learned important lessons in self-acceptance, self-esteem, vulnerability and self-compassion. Now that I have graduated, I want to be of significance to others based on my passion. As a coach, I hope to contribute to your personal development by creating a safe environment in which we reflect together on what is going on in your head and heart. And who knows, maybe one day you will cherish the difficult phase you are in right now, because of the valuable lessons you learned and the courage you showed in doing so.


The courage to question certainties
To face difficult things
Not to know something, to acknowledge
To not be able to, to allow

The courage to show vulnerability
Showing fear and pain
Finding the greatness
In daring to be small


Warm, Sincere, Enlightening, Direct

Discovering new places, people and experiences. Inspirational podcasts, books and conversations about the art of living, personal development and spirituality. Feeling the sun on my face.

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