Study skills

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Study skills a la Siggie

During coaching focused on study skills, we address the way you organize your studying. Think about planning, dealing with time pressure, and motivation for individual study.
We often come across issues such as procrastination, getting stuck while writing your thesis, prioritizing the “wrong things”, and inner resistance and struggle to make the most out of it. Anything human is familiar to us.

Beyond practicalities

Often the improvement of study skills requires a rather practical approach. It’s about experimenting, about trial and error, with new approaches. And about clarifying why this time you do find it valuable to try out new approaches. Besides, the coaching usually gives insight into the why behind your initial strategies, or why you consistently refrain from certain tasks…Anyhow, together with your coach, you will make progress in this realm of study-related skills. A help request concerning study skills is a great fit with Siggie, as such requests have a well-defined scope. Oftentimes, students make great progress in a rather short period.

Reap the harvest

Your study skill improvements usually have a ripple effect across other life domains. De way you manage your studies often reflects how you deal with other obligations. Being on a roll in terms of study skills often goes hand in hand with more flow in other areas. Moreover, if you now learn why you did what you did and why you do what you do…you will most likely benefit from that while organizing for instance your future internship or work. Conclusion; go for it!

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