Student well-being and student success

The well-being of students has been under pressure for a while now. Often this is reflected in the students’ engagement in their studies. In addition, many students struggle to ask for support.

Siggie provides guidance, successfully and at short notice, to meet students’ need for psychological support. We do so through online coaching. We doen dat in de vorm van online coaching.

Siggie stands for a combination of prevention and promotion of mental health. Our goal is that students return to trusting their resilience, and that both student well-being and student performance grow.


A partnership is based on a shared result: welcome and successfully help as many students as possible

As an educational institute, you invest in the coaching trajectories. Not exclusively financially. Partnering with Siggie means a continuous synergy to better the students’ access to the service, and that both parties work towards optimizing our results.

An agreement can be realized within a couple of weeks. Consequently, students can directly approach us and get started within a week. The rate per coaching session concerns around 94 euros.

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