Observing your thinking

Observing your thinking ‘’Life is wonderful and terrible at the same time. . If you live long enough, you will experience joyful successes and spectacular failures, great love and devastating loss, moments of wonder and bliss and moments of darkness and despair. The uncomfortable truth is that almost everything that makes life richer, fuller and …

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Siggie Blue Monday Blog

Blue Monday Blog

Blue Monday Blog In 2005 British psychologist Cliff Arnall called out the third Monday of January as most depressing day of the year. To do so, Arnall used a formula that consisted among other things of the weather, debts, salary, failed New Year’s resolutions, vacation that seems far away and a lack of daylight. Although …

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Boost your self-confidence!

Boost your self-confidence! Everyone feels insecure at times Life is full of ups and downs which play a part in developing your self-confidence. But how can you motivate yourself to stand up after life knocks you down? Check out this blog. Self-confidence, what is it? Self-confidence is all about the image you possess about your …

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Blog - How to be balanced in life

How to be balanced in life

How to be balanced in life after an intensive start of your study. ‘’ ‘And in the meantime, we organize things in such a way that we don’t have time to feel what we feel most deeply. Or to feel that something isn’t actually right.’’ Griet op de Beeck Balance. A theme that regularly comes …

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