Professional online coaching for students

Being a student can be a tough time filled with many changes and expectations, which is why it’s completely normal to feel overwhelmed every now and then. But are you having sleepless nights, feeling depressed or experiencing other issues that are negatively affecting your daily life and studies? Then professional online coaching from Siggie is just what you need!

Coaching session

We can help you with any of these challenges:


Feeling gloomy and tired is completely normal. But not when these feelings happen often and last a long time.


Are social anxiety and/or perfomance anxiety taking over your life? We know how to deal with just that!


Experiencing unhealthy stress? Together we'll identify your triggers and get you back into balance.

Loneliness →

Loneliness among students is hardly visible, but that doesn't mean it's non-existing!

Self-esteem →

Your self-esteem influences the way you interpret the world around you.


Studying during the Covid-19 crisis isn't easy and can negatively impact your study results.


Bij Siggie werken wij in opdracht van de hogeschool of universiteit. Op dit moment werken wij alleen samen met de Eramus Universiteit Rotterdam. Studeer jij aan deze universiteit? Dan kan jij kosteloos gebruikmaken van onze online coaching. Ben je student bij een andere universiteit of hogeschool en heb jij ook interesse in onze coaching? Laat het ons weten! Dan nemen wij contact op met jouw universiteit of hogeschool om te onderzoeken wat er mogelijk is.

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