Studying during Covid-19: a challenging time

You probably imagined your time as a student as an exciting and fun adventure: meeting new people, attending interesting lectures in full lecture halls, regularly having a bite to eat with fellow students at the hottest cafés, and going to great parties in vibrant student cities. And then Covid-19 came along and changed everything. Because of the Covid-19 crisis, life as you know it has taken a turn, including the way you are having to deal with your study. Not only are you seated by yourself behind your computer while following your lectures online, but studying together for an exam or offering each other comfort in case of a bad grade has now become a lot more difficult.

All of these consequences due to Covid-19 can have a significant impact on your study results and on how you feel. According to the Netherlands Institute for Psychology (NIP), more and more students are reporting psychological complaints. . Many students have experienced various problems as a result of the Covid-19 measures since the start of the academic year. But there have been mental problems among students for some time already: according to research by the University of Amsterdam, 20% of students indicated that they had mental issues even before Covid-19. Unfortunately, these numbers are now increasing.

You’re not alone, the Covid-19 measures are affecting us all

Our entire society is affected by these Covid-19 measures, so it’s hardly surprising if you’re having trouble finding your way these days. Many students appear to have difficulty with their daily routine or are experiencing mood complaints and loneliness. On top of that, it might be hard for you if you see fellow students not taking the Covid-19 measures seriously, while you actually are. Moreover, it appears that not everyone likes having lectures in an online environment. So, during your student period – when you’re already having to deal with so many things already – you suddenly also have to learn to deal with the consequences of this Covid-19 crisis. But what if you’re having trouble with that?

Getting the most out of yourself and your study, despite Covid-19

It can be difficult for you to properly work on your study during this time due to both the virus itself as well as the Covid-19 measures. Fortunately, you are not alone! As student coaches, we can guide you during this period. By using the latest scientific insights from the field of psychology and specially designed Covid-19 e-Health modules, we are happy to give you a push in the right direction. Moreover, we would like to help you find the best possible way for you to continue studying during this crisis. Not only so you can continue to grow, but also to still make the most out of your study period despite Covid-19.

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