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Blue Monday Blog

In 2005 British psychologist Cliff Arnall called out the third Monday of January as most depressing day of the year. To do so, Arnall used a formula that consisted among other things of the weather, debts, salary, failed New Year’s resolutions, vacation that seems far away and a lack of daylight. Although since then the formula and work of Arnall received a lot of criticism, blue Monday still pops up every year.

Yet, the idea of Arnall wasn’t to make this day even more of a depressing day, the goal was to cheer up people and encourage people to look optimistic at the future and to make positive changes.

This year, blue Monday is at the 16th of January and whether you “believe” in Blue Monday or not, we at Siggie also want to help you to make this a positive day!

Therefore we want to share some tips that prevent you from feeling gloomy and enhance the experience of positive emotions.

Our tips against a gloomy blue Monday

  1. Relax. Take some extra care for yourself on Blue Monday. Call a friend, take a bath, go for a walk or enjoy your favorite music.
  2. 2. Take a good start. Start your day with a healthy breakfast. This helps against concentrations problems and mood swings. Don’t skip your lunch either. Choose tasty and healthy foods and take a waling in the open air after dinner. This way you feel fresh and fit all day long! In Dutch we say “A good start, is half the work”.
  3. Be Grateful. Take some time to write down what you are thankful for. For example, the people who are close to you, your personal achievements or a good conversation. It can be really small things or moments like enjoying a cup of coffee or a that nice tree you saw in nature.
  4. Give a hug. Giving and receiving love does you good! So give your loved ones and/or pets an extra hug. Experience the cuddle hormone oxytocin. Oxytocin gives you a nice feeling that makes you forget about a dip. In general, being together with your friends of family is often a good medicine against gloom.
  5. Enjoy nature. Get out and about, go into nature for the happiness hormone. Of course we all know that going out into nature is good for us. But did you also know that substances from plants and trees have a proven positive influence on us? Plants and trees protect themselves against insects with so-called phytoncides, which in turn have a calming and stimulating effect on us. We inhale the phytoncides, which releases serotonin, the happiness hormone.
  6. Plan a trip. Look for a nice destination or a weekend away. That way you have something nice to live towards. Planning a trip also allows our brain to think about positive things. It enhances creativity, out of the box thinking and stimulates to see chances and opportunities.
  7. Read our blog called “4 challenges to beat the winter blues”, that supports you during seasond-based mood changes.